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It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

I went to an art exhibition held for a short period of time.I had been to this kind of exhibition before, and was excited…

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Later is not promised

I often hear it, but it’s too late to say, “I should have said this at that time.” During the past month, some unexpected…

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Roadside station in Japan!

If you’re planning to explore not only big city but also suburban in Japan, I highly recommend you to visit roadside station “道の駅(Michi no…

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Japanese tea subscription!

Have you bought any kind of service with subscription before? I guess many of you would answer yes to this question. Like, Netflix, Amazon…

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Food and activity during Spring in Miyagi

What’s your image of “Spring in Japan”? Probably Sakura(cherry blossom) is famous thing to be thought of. I also think of it if someone…

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Photo by Michael Burrows on Pexels.com

Halal-friendly places in Sendai

Sendai city government work on Halal-friendly food promotion business since 2016. Now there is a map of Halal-friendly restaurants in Sendai. You can check…

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Hello! I’m Tamae, Miyagi/Tohoku supporter, and podcaster. I live in Miyagi and Guam. That’s why the name is “Chamorro × Tohoku”

Hope you enjoy my perspective and get some tips here:)

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I’ve living in Miyagi for 25 years. I used to work as job ads agency and now I’m a freelance and do Miyagi local/virtual guide from 2021. I love eating, walking in nature, and life with my amazing partner. …read more

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