*This website*

Mainly about the information of Miyagi/Tohoku area of Japan. Plus, sometimes I just write my thoughts and about daily life.


I’m Tamae, originally from Miyagi, and I’ve lived here for more than 25 years. I have experience as volunteer bilingual guide for 4 years around Miyagi. I appreciate that I could meet so many people from all over the world. But I realized it’s difficult for foreigners to find the information travellers want, especially in small area like countryside. So I decided to write about local information for travellers.

And the more you know about the area, the more your journey is fun.

And I believe that makes your life better, even a little 🙂

*Blog title*

“Tohoku” is because it’s where I am from. Actually it’s huge area but I love not only Miyagi but also feel connected to other prefectures in Tohoku. And I really want to gain the publicity of Tohoku area.

“Chamorro” is the name of indigenous of Guam. I’ll move to Guam, maybe this year 2022. So it’d be like “A Miygi woman, Living on Guam” (I’d say “on” because locals say that because Guam is a small island.)

Miyagi and Guam signed a sister airport relationship agreement in 2012. There was direct flight between until 2018. Now we don’t have it, but I’m sure we can still have good relationship.

I appreciate all of you to come across this website. I hope it would be some helps for your trip and enjoy your time.

Thank you.


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