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Working in an international company…!

What is the difference from working in domestic company in Japan? Talking with Matt, who is Managing Director and Co-Founder at Conerstone recruitment Japan.

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❀ How did you like about Miyagi prefecture?

I’ve been to Sendai a few times and I really loved that city. It’s unique to see all-coverd walkway in the shopping area.

And it’s nice size, and nice place to live.

And I little travelled to Matsushima, is really beautiful.

❀ What is the difference between working in London and Japan?

It was BIG shock, actually, when I came to Japan.

The first thing I noticed is “how quiet offices are”. It was massive shock to me because I was used to super noisy office everybody is talking.

There are big differences too, I think in Japan, things tend to be little more organized. People plan a lot more. So you have a lot more meetings. Those meetings last long time.

In meetings , in England, everybody is patient , super short, much more aggressive environment. I think if you’re in lower level, staff member, it’s a lot easier to be heard your voice. I think in Japan people respect hierarchy little bit more.

It’s not criticism it’s just a fact, especially if you’re a woman, in England, the career oppotunity is a little bit faster, and more equality. What I feel is that the attitude is a little bit different so if you go away years the woman in England and you can come back and expect to be exactly the same position I have the same responsibilities.

I think flexibility of working in Covid, I think Japan’s reacted pretty well to that. I mean I think Covid was kind of bad obviously but I think it in someways it change the working environment a little bit and it is now very common for us when we speak to candidates as you know I only want a hybrid model, I only want a remote remote working, and then you can get it now. They can get it in. And before, that were things you could never even ask that question only three years ago.

I think it’s good for candidates to show people who are looking for a job they can think about there their lifestyle a little bit more about how they would like to work, and companies are up. I’m much more flexible about that so I think that’s a really good thing that came out of Covid.

❀ About the market situation in local area

Mainly my business places in Tokyo and speak business level English that we play some into international companies. Our market is very Tokyo Central area and most international companies only have an office in in Tokyo. However there are some businesses that allocated a little bit further. Industrial Manufacturing international allocated market is much more domestic is much more Japanese language focused. But we have a couple of clients in the area which hire bilingual people.

It’s kind of fun for us because we deal with so many different types of companies.

❀ Things you should know before you work in an international company

I think it’s the cultural things which are a little bit different so management style would be different. If you have a non-Japanese manager at the management style he/she will be more direct or you gonna get instant feedback on your performance hopefully kind of constructive criticism. So I think if you’ve been in an environment where which is a little more domestic where you don’t get that really for you can kind of continue to do the job and not get as much feedback.

I think you should be prepared to speak your mind a little bit more.
In my company, I want my place to tell me if something is wrong will they have an idea or their feedback and them. And that’s actually really encourage that your voice can be can be heard so I think you’re gonna get more feedback you are expected to have a voice in the company.
And I think that things will be slightly less structured maybe and then Japanese business and decisions are made a little more quickly.

People should consider is they will also probably get paid more so you know the average salaries of working for a business compared to a domestic significantly higher probably 20% higher on average, and your career path will not be based at all on how long you’ve been with the business. Your career path will be based on your performance.

And personally I love that. I think that’s so refreshing you know I say to everybody that joins our company. For example, in these company, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, it doesn’t matter what nationality you are, doesn’t matter how old you are.
Your success your career is simply going to be based on how good you are and your attitude and that’s it.

People in any position can challenge even though they didn’t have enough like depends on the company.

I’m not trying to advertise my business but also I am a little bit, I think in that situation, it is actually good to speak to a good recruiter because the recruiter has a relationship with these companies.

And then we can meet the right attitude we can make those recommendations to clients that might give them a chance.
I think it’s really the best part of our job.
we can kind of had a lot of value to that interview preparation help them with all the questions they might have.

❀ Message from Matt

If you are considering changing jobs can be a really big step but I think if you’re just thinking about it even if you are not sure if you want to move yet, just by talking to people like us, it doesn’t mean you have to move.
It just means you can kind of see wall what’s out there and try to get a little taste of what your options might be heading maybe you to decide yet if you’re thinking about it. Don’t be afraid to talk to people who can.

You can hear more about this in this podcast.

Please check it out!–Working-in-an-international-company-e1or0sk

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