Memories of Couchsurfing – 6

Saskia /from Antwerp,Belgium
They are a couple, working in the arts.
I took them to the Tanabata Museum to show them a Japanese art, and they seemed really happy with that.
After coming back home, they showed me the artworks they had created, which was interesting.

Akane /from Tainan, Taiwan
She came to Sendai for a marathon. She bought tatoo seal for the enevt, so I put it on her arm:) We couldn’t have enough time to talk or hangout because she needs the time to prepare for the marathon. But hope she enjoyed it.

Sanjana /from India
She was a student and living in Japan.
She came here with her friend, but I wonder what kind of conversation we had…. Time flies….
I should’ve write down things I want to remember!

Jesus /from Ciudad de México, Mexico
He came to stay with his mother to attend the wedding of his Japanese friend.
I felt they have a very happy aura and are a wonderful family.
He said he usually travels around with his mom and I could see how well they got along ♡. We had lots of fun conversation during thier stay.
And I let them try Japanese persimmons, they loved it!
We said goodbye with a warm hug at the end.
A wonderful parent-child relationship, that brings a smile to my face when I remember it ^^.

Oliver /from Adelaide, Australia
We went on various day trips.
He is like a little brother and will be loved by many hosts.
When we drove around, we tried to go to Osaki Hachimangu Shrine for the first time, but we couldn’t find a parking lot and got lost.
Then, when I tried to go through a narrow street, I heard the sound of scratching my new car… 😱
But in the end, the car was not damaged, and we got to the place and took a picture. We had fun time. haha

Flipi /from Singapore
Since he lives in Japan, his Japanese was rather fluent.
We had a lot of fun watching TV together and talking about it.
As he could have conversation with Japanese, my brother also could join us very easily.
I am grateful for that.

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