Memories of Couchsurfing – 5

Celeste and Malie /from Tasmania, Australia
I forgot how they come here… Probably hitchhiking? They play in a band and showed me the videos:)
During our dinner, I found out that it was Celeste’s birthday, so I asked my brother to buy her a cake on the way home.
And we wished her a surprise Happy Birthday! ☆
We all celebrated with candles! They were so happy ^^.
And Marie drew me a wonderful picture.

Chris /Gremany
Chris came to stay for a few days until he moved into his dormitory at the university.
He is intelligent, speaks good Japanese, and really kind person.
We kept in touch for a while after he left, and when his friends came to Sendai, he would send me requests.
We went to sushi restaurant together and it was fun time!

Yoav /from Haifa District, Israel
I was expecting him to be like a professional backpacker and has a passion about nature and travel through his profile. But well, he might be a pro but not like a person I imagined.
His speaks softly and his stories about his travels and his military service were interesting, it was totally different world from what I know.
He also taught me a few letters in Hebrew, it was difficult to remember! But languages are interesting as always.

Miko /from Beijing, China
She came to Sendai for the concert. We didn’t have much time to talk.
But she was very polite and tidy. I really appreciate that.

Hope we have more time to talk next time.

Michael /from Lower Austria, Austria
We went to “Yamadetra” which is a temple on Mountain!
I think we had a lot of Tohoku foods like tama-konnyaku and fried tofu. It was just around the time of colored leaves in Autumn, so the scenery was very nice and beautiful!
I was so happy that Michael enjoyed it so much! It was hard to answer his insatiably inquisitive questions. It was hard to answer his insatiably inquisitive questions, but I learned a lot from them.

Ashley /from Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
She has an impressive smile. But I was very sad to hear that she had a bad experience through CS before.
In Osaka, a host man was physically attracted to me. And when she refused, she was told “If that’s the case, I won’t let you stay at my house”. So, she left and nowhere to stay because it was really late night.
Then, one time she was drunk and fell asleep on the train and her wallet was stolen.
She managed to get here with the help of his family and others. But that’s sad story to hear.

She told me she could feel safe and relaxing while she stayed at my place. That made me relieved.
No country or environment, no matter how safe it is said to be, is 100% safe and secure.
But each of us can do something for a better future.

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