Memories of Couchsurfing – 4

Ken /from Matsumoto, Japan
Ken hitchhiked from Matsumoto to Sendai with his friends. I was surprised that he managed to make it all the way to Sendai, even on a typhoon day. On the day of the typhoon, he said that some people allow them to ride because they felt sorry for the boys.
And, he created a community with people who use Couchsurfing, and they can use the connection if they couldn’t accommodate the person who requested to stay. So, many travellers can find the person who can host them easily. That’s lovely!
The day he and his friends left the house, they wrote me a thank you note, which I still display as a treasure.
I thought he was a man of action, and he literally is, he is now in Mexico. I met a friend of mine by chance and we have a mutual friend.

Tucker /from Portland, USA
He stayed in my place for about a week, so he met Alicia and Dominika and we are spending time together.
It was the first time for me to have people stay for such a long time, but he was very comfortable and easy to talk to.
Karaoke seemed to be a new experience for him, but he sang really well and Alicia and I got really enjoyed that. haha
We went to Zao, Akiu, and many other places together, and had a lot of fun talking at home in the evening. The day he left, I know I miss him so much! But I am grateful that they came to Sendai.

Yi-Ping /from Gushan District, Taiwan
She came with her friend. I thought her friend’s hair color was rather eccentric and nice.
Her speaking voice was very soft and like almost absorbing. I felt she is not only kind, but also has a core, and she is a nice girl to talk to.
We didn’t get to spend much time together and ended up just talking a little bit at night, but I would like to talk more next time I see her.

Vanee /from Hong Kong
She is a cheerful girl! I have that strong image of her. I was impressed that she was so moved when we went to Zuihoudian together.
And as I recall from her comments, her luggage was very heavy. haha

Brent /from Melbourne, Australia
AHHHH I should have contacted him when I went to Melbourne!!!!
But well, I’m sure I’ll go back to Melbourne again.
He was traveling with his ukulele and played it for me at home. he was so sweet.

Ate /from Groningen, Netherlands
He was like my brother, he is a kind and funny person.
I started living with my brother around that time, so three of us had dinner together.
He spoke a little Japanese, so my brother seemed to enjoy it.
I guess Ate and I mainly talked about our travels. It was fun!

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