Memories of Couchsurfing – 3

Sandi /from Denmark
Cilian /from Germany
Each of them came to Sendai as a solo traveler.
In those days when I was still living alone, I used to ask the first person who said yes, and when it was OK to let other people stay, I would let up to two people stay at once.
It was like that at this time.
The three of us talked about many things over dinner at the house. We talked about music and the weirdest things we had ever eaten. Everyone had eaten some kind of insect, lol.
Since it was the first time for the three of us to meet, there were so many things we wanted to ask and talk about, it was a lot of fun!

Mihkel /from Tallinn, Estonia
Another knowledgeable person. I knew nothing about Estonia, so Mihkel taught me a lot.
His Japanese is also very good, and I think we were speaking mostly in Japanese.
In the conversation with Mihkel, I realized that I don’t know much about Japan at all, not even about Sendai.
I was listening to him with respect, thinking that this is what it means to be proud of one’s birthplace.
He gave me a shoulder massage. He complimented me on my muscles. haha

Alicia /from Boston, USA
MISS HER A LOT! She has worked in Japan as an English teacher, and her Japanese is very good. Our conversations are sometimes in English and sometimes in Japanese. She has so much energy and is so much fun to be with! I enjoyed the time with her. We went on a day trip together, went to karaoke (her favorite), went out for drinks, and had girl talk at night. She gave me too many fun memories. Through her, I made friends with people who live in Miyagi ^^.
I can’t thank her enough for making an otherwise uneventful holiday into a fun time.

Courtney /from Torrance, USA
Courtney is an adventurer. From the moment we first met, she had a cheerful aura about her.
We went out for dinner together and spent the evening talking at house.
She has been through a lot of hardships in her life, and her outlook on life was very interesting.
She met a man during her trip, and I could feel that she enjoy her life now.
It was an encounter that made me think, “I want to grow old like this, too.”

Dominika /from Budapest, Hungary
She taught me how to make PÁLINKA, a Hungarian alcoholic drink. She also showed me how to use paprika powder.
Dominika is also a very fun person to talk to, and she taught me a lot about Hungarian traditions and customs.
We went on a day trip together, and I remember how happy I was that she liked Akiu Great Falls, which I love.

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