Memories of Couhsurfing – 2

Mina /from Belrin, Germany
It was very interesting.
Mina came to stay with her boyfriend, we went to Oktoberfest together, cooked at home, Mina and Mina’s boyfriend cooked German food for us.
Mina and Mina’s boyfriend cooked German food and I cooked Inari. I made Inari with potatoes and yogurt sauce, it was so good!
And then we went to the back of the house when it was still a rice field.
We took a walk together at night with a cup of sake in our hands.
I was surprised, but he told me that it is normal to spend time like this with good friends!
It was a fresh and fun evening.
I remember he told me to come to a summer music event. I wonder if they still remember me…

Alexandre/from Saint-Genest-Lerpt, France
A very free-spirited person.
First time, I guess. He was the first and only person who said, “Let’s dance” in the supermarket!
And after we went home and had dinner, he asked me to do something aikido-like, that made me feel awkwad a little.
If I hadn’t been couchsurfing and had just met him around, I might have avoided him a little.
It’s funny how many different encounters there are!

Tana /from Albuquerque, NM, USA
This was the first time I stayed with someone with kids! Tana is so sweet and her daughter is so cute.
Tana is so sweet and her daughter is so cute. She is a warm hearted girl who is not shy at all and gives hugs to everyone.
After dinner, we got into watching Tom & Jerry and went to bed around 8 pm.
From there, Tana and I talked alone. We talked about our past with each other.
She got married at 19 and had a baby. “I was too young.”, she said with smile, but listening to her story, I thought it must have been hard for her.
But now, once again, she talked cheerfully about how she has a good feeling with a man she met at the school she attends.
It was 2016 when she stayed with me. And in 2019, she got married to him ^^ Very happy for her!

Jeremy /from Marseille, France
He was a brilliant man.
He cooked for us and had a great pasta dish.
We didn’t get to go anywhere together, but we had a great time talking over dinner.
I felt happy for the first time in a long time that I have someone who cooks for me when I go home.

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