Memories of Couchurfing -1

People’s memories are very fuzzy.
I am sad to find that I have forgotten some memories that should have been very enjoyable.

Last year, I was in touch with someone I hosted on Couchsurfing.
I was trying to remember what kind of time I had with the person I hosted on Couchsurfing last year, and when I tried to recall it, I couldn’t remember it clearly.
I was sad to realize how much I had forgotten.

Of course, there are some people who still remain in my memory.
Sometimes I look at photos we took together or diaries in which I wrote down what I was thinking at the time, and I can recall some of the details.

I know it’s a little late for that, but as long as I can remember, I’ve been thinking about what I thought or what they said to me in happy terms.
If you want to remember, leave it somewhere.
I can’t keep writing every day, so I’ll write when I want to and as much as I want to.

First hosted by Marie /from Germany
This was when I was still in bondage ex, so I asked her to stay with me as a friend of a friend.
It is a funny memory now.

I heard that she came to Sendai to go to a live concert.
After the concert, he came over to my house and we cooked a little dinner and talked a bit.
She looked really tired, so we went to bed early.

It was the first time, so I didn’t know what to do. I was like.
“Do you have any rules? I remember I was like, “What’s the rule? I remember I was like, “What are the rules?
Some hosts have rules about what to do and what not to do. I was very surprised.

For a while after I became a host, I thought, “There are no rules! You can use it as if it were your own house.
But now I realize that I could have at least said “No smoking” or “No pets”. But now I wonder if I could have at least said “no smoking” or “no pets.

This was my first experience as a host.
I was a little nervous until the day of the event, but I was glad it was over so easily. I was a little nervous until the day of the event, but it turned into a sense of relief.
I guess that’s how it is at the beginning.

Vincent & Alicia /from Spain
This couple met in Australia and moved to his hometown in Spain.
They are very nice and cheerful people.

Tina & Jason /from Korea, America
They met on a trip and became a couple.
Tina was really kind, charming, and friendly like a big sister.
She also made me a misanga, which I still use today.
Jason was realy generous and gentle person. I love them both.

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