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Later is not promised


I often hear it, but it’s too late to say, “I should have said this at that time.”

During the past month, some unexpected things have happened.
Even so, I feel like that’s usual to keep facing unpredictable things as long as we are alive.
But those things reminded me that it would be better to tell what I thought, when I should.

Around noon, I got a message from my fiance.
“I was in a little car accident. Me and my brother-in-law are ok. I’m not shaken up or anything.”

It was the day before his niece’s birthday.
His BIL was getting ready to celebrate his daughter’s first birthday.

A teenage driver who was visiting Guam for summer vacation drove at an illegal speed and crashed into their car due to poor control.

As far as I can see from the photos, her bonnet was bent and half of the bumper was crushed. “It could be worse if his BIL didn’t turn the handle to avoid the car”, I felt like that.

In the case of a collision-type accident, the pain would come later and affect the brain and other parts of the body in many cases. But everyone was fine.

Next morning, I asked him about the feeling and checked on him.
He said “I’m honestly so glad I’m safe. I was thinking about lots of things after that. I was glad I always say “I love you”.”

In these kind of situation, I guess many people think, “I should’ve said … to him/her/them”. But what I hear from him was the thing he was glad about. It was fresh. And I was happy.

If you communicate with people you love and tell your love/appreciation everyday, you can reduce the regret you might hold. I think.

I believe all of you already know about this.

But as the day goes on, this feeling fades away.
At such times, something may happen, as if to say, “Don’t forget that.”

Even if nothing happens, well nothing bad happens is the best for us of course, but I would be happy if I could help others by my experience.

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