Food and activity during Spring in Miyagi

What’s your image of “Spring in Japan”?

Probably Sakura(cherry blossom) is famous thing to be thought of. I also think of it if someone ask me.

Except that, I also think of food. haha because I love eat and that makes me happy 🙂

Is anyone foodie here…?

Seasonal food

In supermarkets, it’s easy to find the seasonal vegetables during Spring.

Because some vegetables have the name with “新”(Shin), or “春”(Haru). Like 新たまねぎ、新じゃがいも、春キャベツ。

新(Shin) means New, 春(Haru) means Spring. So it literally shows the seasonal veggies.

You can taste the sweetness with these seasonal vegetables. So I recommend you to eat grilled ones if you get those.

Grilled vegetables, and pinch of salt. I love it.

And you can also make sauces if you like, so there is no time to get bored with the taste 😛

If it’s really fresh, then just have a bite without doing anything. I mean, try it raw. Then you’ll know the difference.

And fruits! Strawberry is the seasonal fruits and there are some brands are made in Miyagi.

仙台いちご(Sendai Ichigo)

They are「とちおとめ (Tochi-otome)」「もういっこ (Mouikko)」. And those two brands are crossed and the new brand「にこにこベリー (Nikoniko-berry)」was born.

Although Many of them were made in Miyagi but outside of Sendai, those are still categorized Sendai-ichigo.

I’m not a big fan of strawberries, but I think I like the new one better. I don’t like too sour, but like to have it a little.

とちおとめ has high sugar content and sourness. The sweetness of もういっこ is lower than とちおとめ, but the sourness is also low. And にこにこベリー tastes like in between.

Strawberry picking

There are many farms open for Strawberry picking, which is called “イチゴ狩り(Ichigo gari)”.

山元町(Yamamoto-cho) is one of famous area for that. And I’ve been to “山元いちご農園”. I put the link below.

They give us condensed milk, so even if you had enough strawberries raw, you can enjoy them with the combination.

My friend and I ate A LOT, so we couldn’t eat lunch on the day. hahaha

Probably it’s better not to eat too much like us if you want to enjoy other food afterwards.

If you search “イチゴ狩り 宮城”, you can find a good one for you. Probably with coupons 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Have a great day 🙂

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