Under the earthquake in Miyagi (3/2022)

March 16th, 2022. 23:36 in Japanese time. There was a big earthquake.

I felt two big ones and bunch of small ones after that.

The aftershocks still continues.

When the earthquake was happened.

The first one, it was little big for me.

Many people in Japan, especially who live for long, are used to feel “earth moving”, so they feel okay if it’s small. And the first one was like, “it’s big, so I need to figure out where it happens.” level.

And soon later, the 2nd one came. It was bigger than the first one.

I sit down on the floor, where nothing will fall on me except ceiling, and hold the edge of couch.

And I don’t know how long it was, but during the earthquake, I was thinking like “this is how people lose everything, alone, and suddenly. What did I miss? Would I regret something if this is the last day of my life?”

I also felt it’s much smaller than the one in 2011. But still, I see my body is shaking.

I was scared.

Something small but worth it

Now, I live with my brother, and he was also home at that time.

And he started to fill the bathtub with water in case infrastructures are stopped. Plus, we know we have the backpack for emergency.

What if we don’t have any knowledge about nature disasters? What if we don’t know about things to do when earthquake happens? At least, I would be more just scared and might do something I shouldn’t do at that time.

The things we did are just small things. But that made me feel okay and be ready for the worse situation.

Don’t forget SOCKS!

At that night, I couldn’t sleep for a while. But it seems calm a few hours later from the 1st one.

My partner suggested me to wear socks when we sleep, so that we can move safely even if there’s something bad happens and we need to leave house.

Maybe thick socks are better. It will protect your foot from the ground and cold / heat.

What if I just go outside with barefoot?

I might step on something sharp, it might be difficult to keep my foot warm.

Well, it’s better not to wear it for good sleep, but in this situation? Let’s just put on it.

Thank you for reading.

I hope it would be some help for you.

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