Cheap Japanese lesson in Miyagi

When you start living in Japan, the language is one of the important things.

Of cause there are many native Japanese, so you might be able to get the chance to learn if you make Japanese friends.

But probably it takes time if you’re really shy to talk.

This is the classes you can take even though you’re shy or interested in learning Japanese constantly.

Miyagi International Association has many Japanese classes in several places. And it’s cheap usually. Because the Japanese teachers are volunteers. So the fee is only for the texts or the rental places.

I think it’s good start to learn basic Japanese here. And you can make friends who also study Japanese there.

If you’re a student or working in a company, it would be easy to have someone help your Japanese, but if not, it might be difficult to get the chance.

I’m sure each prefecture has similar kinds organizations. 🙂

I hope this could be some help for you.

Thank you for reading.

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