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Convenient app in Japan

If you’re gonna live in Japan, there are some app I recommend to download for life in Japan.

Contact with friends

I guess you usually use whatsapp, facebook messanger, viver, or wechat.

In Japan, LINE is the app so many people use to contact with friends.

Also there are many official account of shops, restaurants, or services, and sometimes they give discount or coupons for “friends” which means like followers.

If you want to get a good news from your favorite shops, then it’s better to have it.

Payment without cash

Now, the places you can pay without cash is increasing in Japan. And the cashless app companies make bonus campaigns oftentimes.

These are the app you can pay with using the QR code.

LINE pay : The LINE also provides cashless payment service. You can also send money or gifts to your friends through this app.

Paypay : It has cashback campaign oftentimes

Rakuten Pay : It’s run by Rakuten group which is a big company in Japan. And you can correct the points depending on how much you paid.

If you have the phone which has the system like apple pay, it’d be good to have these app as well.

nanaco : It’s run by a big company which owns the convenient store “Seven eleven” and supermarket “York benimaru”. And you can get the points depending on how much you pay. So if you use Seven eleven or York benimaru often, then I highly recommend you to download it.

About other ways, like paying with Apple pay, Google pay, or Suica is available in many places as well.

So you’d be fine without cash when you’re exploring in Japan. Especially in big cities.

But you should bring some cash if you go to small shops, personal businesses, or live in countryside and the area which is not like touristic places.

Point correcting app

There are so many app you can correct points and use it for purchase. Lots of big companies have their own app. But some apps are connected to several shops or companies, so you can correct the points easily.

d point / Ponta / Rakuten point / T-point

Those apps are useful if you like to have “lucky” life in Japan. *Because you can get some money technically.

Thank you for reading!

Hope it will be some help for your adventure in Japan.

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