Enjoy with Coupon

When you’re travelling, do you care about saving money?

I care sometimes. Especially when I did budget travel. But I still wanna enjoy the meal outside too.

And coupons are helpful and make me feel like “I’m living here”.

It’s all in Japanese, but you can try:)

【ぐるなび(Gurunavi)】and 【ホットペッパー(Hotpepper)】are convenient website and you can find many places which have coupons.

There’re like **% discount, 1 drink free, 1 hour expand for Nomihoudai, or ** yen discount.

Oh, 飲み放題(Nomihoudai) is the plan that “You can drink as much as you want with certain price”, and it’s usually for 1.5 ~ 2 hours limited.

When you find the restaurant you wanna go, there’s “クーポン(Coupon)” tab in the page. *If not, it means the restaurant doesn’t have any discount now.

At the restaurant, you should show the staff the coupon when you have a seat and tell him/her that you’re gonna use the coupon.

Sometimes it’s not necessary to show at the beginning, but sometimes it is. So it’s better tell that first.

It might be little difficult to do it if you don’t understand Japanese at all, but it’s gonna be a good experience.

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