Japanese Sake × French Canelé

Do you know Japanese sake? Have you tried it?

The tastes depend on the brand, the rice, and the way to be made. Many of them taste clear, and little bit sweet.

And, how about Canelé? It’s the sweet from France. The proper name is “Canelé de Bordeaux”, and yes, it was born in Bordeaux in France.

Canelé de Bordeaux

It’s a small pastry flavored with rum and vanilla. The center is soft and tender, with a dark thick and caramelized crust.

And you can taste these collaboration in Miyagi.

Japanese Sake × French Canelé

I had Canele only once before and didn’t like it that much to be honest.

But now it’s getting popular in Japan, and many people say it’s really delicious. And I was wondering like “I don’t eat because I don’t know the real one? or my taste might be different from when I had it last time?”

Then, when I went to a restaurant with my family and saw they have Canele but “Sake kaku Canele”. Sake kasu is sake lees.

I know it’s not the basic one but it looks good. So I tried.

Sake lees Canele

It looks not “crunchy” , and it was little bit hard coating outside but not really crunchy, and the flavor of sake is slightly and really good with the caramelized flavor.

Ah, writing about this makes me hungry. Eating delicious food is always good, and makes me happy. 🙂

Actually, the whole meal were amazing but I really wanna introduce about this wonderful taste to people who find my blog like you! So I can give something new for you:)

Restaurant info.

Vin-ya Jete Ashigaruhttps://www.ashigaru24.com/

This restaurant is popular, so if you go there weekends or holidays, I’d say it’s better to reserve the seat before.

Here are some tips when you call

Reserve = 予約(よやく:Yoyaku)

I’d like to make a reservation. = 席の予約をお願いします。(せき の よやく を おねがいします:Seki no yoyaku wo onegai shimasu.)

Is it available for **people at ***, on ****th. = ****日の***時、**人入れますか?(****にち の ***じ、**にん はいれ ます か?:**** nichi no *** ji, ** nin haire masu ka?)

If you need help to reserve it in Japanese, I think I can help, at least until I leave Japan. So don’t hesitate to ask me if you need 🙂

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