5K of Spring in Japan

There’s something you should be careful in Spring in Japan which is called “5K”.

5K of Spring in Japan

5K means Kousa(Yellow sand phenomenon), Kyoufu(Strong wind), Kanso(Dry weather), Kandansa(temperature difference), Kafun(Pollen).

Weather forecast tells about them everyday. So you can check and decide your plans if needed.

黄砂:Kousa(Yellow sand phenomenon)

About Yellow sand phenomenon, the closer the location is to the Chinese mainland, the more it is coming. So I could say like the area expect Kanto have it.

I recommend not to hang your clothes outside when it happens. The clothes would be sandy if you do.

乾燥&強風:Kanso & Kyo-fu(Dry weather & Strong wind)

And if it’s dry and windy, I guess you already know what could be happened. It can cause fires.

I think I don’t need to explain about it.


In Japan, there’re so many trees which have pollen, such as Sugi, Hinoki, Ine(rice plant). And many Japanese have hay fever.

I don’t have it yet fortunately, but everyone have the possibility to have it. I know some friends who moved to Japan from other countries and got hay fever after a few years.

My mom has it badly. She says her eyes itchy(and reddened), and has a stuffy nose. So she takes medicines to relieve symptoms.

In her opinion, アレグラFX(AlegraFX) works great.

寒暖差:Kandansa(temperature difference)

The temperature difference is big in Japan.

Like where I live, Sendai in Miyagi, yesterday’s weather is like this.

8:00AM [1℃(35.6℉)] → 10:00AM [7℃(44.6℉)] → 12:00PM [10℃(50℉)] → 2:00PM [9℃(48.2℉)] → 4:00PM [8℃(46.4℉)] → 7:00PM[6℃(42.8℉)] → 10:00PM [4℃(39.2℉)]

And it depends on the area of cause. So I really recommend you to bring jacket even if you see “it’s gonna be warm” on news.

As many of you know, it’s gonna be Sakura(cherry blossoms) season in Japan.

But maybe good to know about the things which is “not good” as well.

Hope you enjoy the trip safely!

Thank you for reading! Bye~! 🙂

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