Colorful dolls festival

March 3rd. It’s Doll’s festival in Japan. It’s called “Hina matsuri”. Often times we also say “Momo no sekku” which means peach festival.

Colorful day

On this day, most families having girls display Japanese dolls which is called “Hina Ningyo”. And they pray for girls’ healthy growth and happiness.

Traditional Hina Ningyo

This is the traditional dolls. But these days, many people tend to choose only the couple dolls of top, or something more simple and modern.

And, they eat decorated sushi called “Chirashi zushi”, hard round candy called “Konpeito-“, and small rice crackers called “Hina arare”.

Chirashi Zushi, Hina arare

As you see, it’s really colorful!

The color of crackers/candies has each meaning. If it has 4 colors, then it means 4 seasons, and it’s like “praying the heath for whole year”.

If it’s 3 colors, white means snow, green means trees, and red means life and blood, and praying for girls to get the power of nature.

So, you might see lots of colorful places or events around this day.

In Miyagi, there are festivals/events between end of February and end of March. Such as collaboration of Hina dolls and Kokeshi, Old styled dolls gallery, or workshops.

It’s still little bit chilly in northern Japan, but it makes me feel like it tells us “Spring is coming!”

And of cause, I loved that day when I was a kid. Because I could eat sweet rice crackers and Sushi 😛 haha

There’s Boys’ day in May as well. I’ll write about it later, maybe in May!

Thank you for reading!

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