Local artist & Colorful Guam

I’ve been to Guam, in 2021. And that was my first time.

But even during the first visit, Guam showed me lots of things that I’ve never imagined.

Maybe they try to let me prepare for moving there?

Colorful Guam

There are many artistic bus stops just within walking distance of Guam’s Tumon area.

Each bus stop has a motif of Guam’s megalithic ruins “Latte Stone”, but the art written there is completely different.

A lot of colorful bus stops, I bet you would enjoy it and take pictures.

It would be nice to have postcards with a photo of the bus stop!

Another thing I was surprised is that there are many wall arts.

The huge art drawn on the walls of buildings containing apartments and restaurants stands out more than the advertisements of shops.

And, Guam has many mountains, so there are many retaining walls as well.
They also have works of art that are drawn without gaps.

Some of them are something like illusion art that looked three-dimensional, and some are drawn in two dimensions.

And the art works have lots of flowers, so they’re colorful 🙂

By walking around Guam and driving, this is what I found.

“Guam is a country of art”

This discovery made me happy!

The story began in 2011

When I looked into how Guam became a country of art, it started recently, in 2011.

Behind the birth of Guam’s mural art is the street art event “Pow Wow! Guam” that started in 2011 in Hawaii and was held in Guam in 2017 and 2019. At this event, which aims to revitalize art and the local economy, artists from home and abroad were invited and many mural paintings were born in Guam.

Guam Visitors Bureau:https://www.visitguam.jp/weekly/post/e382b0e382a2e383a0e381aee696b0e38197e38184e5a381e794bbe382a2e383bce38388e38292e68ea2e38197e381a6e381bfe38288e38186efbc81/

I was like, the name of the event includes “Guam”, but did they start from Hawaii?

And I somehow see Tohoku on the number 2011.

A local artist in Guam, Lee Hiura San Nicholas, has studied art and started his career as a graffiti artist.

The characteristic of his art is “island street style that draws a unique culture fused with contemporary art”.

In 2019, in collaboration with the Guam Tourism Board, five works of art aimed at beautifying the island have been produced.

Even though I’m not familiar with art, there were many works that I found fun to watch, such as colorful works and works like 3D art.

Guam is famous about beaches and Island/Tropical food, but the trip to find arts is also good.

It’s a new way to explore Guam.

Neighbor might be an artist…?

When I look at pictures of a local wedding party,
there were various decorations along with a great caricature.

I believed that’s made by someone like a pro.

But my partner said “I think they asked their neighbors to do this.”

I was like, “what? The person in the neighborhood who could draw such a professional caricature …? That’s awsome!”

When I listened to other stories, it seems that there are many people who are good at painting in Guam.

If there were so many, could it be possible that “the neighbor is as good at painting as an artist”?
Wow, I’m excited to find artists!

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