Better to notice small things in life

When did you feel happiness recently?

Today? Last week?

If you answered “Today, and I feel happy everyday.”, that’s amazing!! You should proud of yourself.

On the other hand, I’m sure some people don’t even remember about the moment, and it takes long time to answer it.


But it’s okay too. Because it doesn’t mean you don’t have happy moments, maybe you feel happiness unconsciously.


Better to notice small things in life

I’ve met many people who look happy and have good energy in themselves. And I see they have things in common.

They’re good at finding happiness in smallest things. Even in daily life.

And say it aloud.


One day, my friend told me

I’m in Japan now and I’m alive. This is amazing.
I can live on the side of paying taxes, not on the side of receiving taxes.
Buying things is saving someone who works for it. So we already help someone!

It’s easy to think about that when we feel like we’re close to death. But we forget things easily an take it as if it’s nothing to us.

But I think happiness creates an opportunity for people to be positive.

If you can get that happiness just by noticing, it’s worth a try!


What makes you happy?

There are bunch of books and saying about “Happiness”, but well, it depends on the person.

Because if you’re a coffee lover, you can be happy with coffee.

But what if you don’t like coffee? Probably the coffee time cannot make you happy.

So, the answer is only within you. Not books, not teachers, but only you can find it for yourself.

But I still listen and learn from many people, because there are many ways to find the happiness.

I believe that helps you to make sure about things make you happy.


Notice things more, and say it aloud

There is one more thing that my friends have in common.

That is, “Immediately tell what they are happy and grateful for.”


Thanks to them, my thoughts and action also have changed.

I feel happy more often compare to the past version of myself.

For example, in front of my friend, I said “I’m very happy that I have a friend like you. I’m blessed.”

Not only I can tell the feelings to my dear friend, but I also feel that I can re-recognize “I care for this person” by saying it.

I don’t know academically, but I felt that way at least.

So I guess it’s worth to try 🙂

For someone who don’t feel happy for a long time, I hope my experiences will be helpful.

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