[Movie]Comedy about 3.11!? – 1446: An Eternal Minute

Have you ever seen a comedy movie about Tohoku disaster?

Me? Never.

But I found a flyer which interests me.

[1446: An Eternal Minute]

It’s says “a comedy movie about 3.11!?”


From 2011, it’s been almost 11 years.

I don’t feel like “it’s past and old story” about this.

Well, many things are changed, we’re all aging.

But natural disasters can happen again someday, somewhere.

So I appreciate that many companies and organizations still pick up about the tohoku disaster, even after 11 years.

And even at that time, positive humor and happy comedy made people smile and healed them.

It was chaos.

Everything I saw on tv was about how bad it is, how many people are missing, and the number of death is just increasing.

People refrained from entertainment, but after a few weeks, people demand comedies.

Especially disaster victims.

It’d be a moment they just enjoy it without thinking the chaos.

Literally, Comedy helped people.

I think this movie is good for people who are not good at serious or documentary movies.

It’d be good oppotunity to know about it.

It’ll be on showing from March 4th in Japan.

So I don’t know the details yet. But I’ll difenitely watch it.

I’d be happy if you share your thought if you see it!

Thank you for reading,

Have a good day!

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