Small Filippines in America

Before I visit Guam, my image of Guam is like Hawaii, and just thought “it’s a part of America”.

But NO. Guam is unique, pretty, and peaceful place. More than I expected.

Calamansi tea … !

Have you heard of the name “Calamansi” ?

It’s a citrus fruit, which is popular in Filippines.

I didn’t get the chance to eat the fruit, but I had iced Calamansi tea at Jeff’s Pirates Cove,

and I loved it!

It tastes like little bit lemon tea, but also like oreange tea, with the great flavor.

The fruit is sometimes called “Miracle fruit” because it’s rich in nutrition.

Like phloretin, which is an anti-aging antioxidant found in apples, pears, and grapefruits.

It is also rich in citric acid, which is said to promote fat burning,

and hesveridin, which is said to suppress the rise in blood pressure and decompose neutral fat.

So it’s really good for beauty and health.

But we were not in a Filipino restaurant. It’s grilled stake restaurant so maybe American?

And they serve the tea after lunch. As if it’s thier way or ruitine.

About Guam

Do you know how many “Americans” live in Guam?

I was thinking “about 50%?”. But I was completely wrong.

According to the 2010 census, the population of Guam is approximately 160,000, making it the most populous of the 15 islands in the Mariana Islands. Of these, about 42% are indigenous Chamorros, about 27% are Filipinos, about 11% are Americans from the U.S. mainland (mainly U.S. military personnel), and the rest are Micronesians, Palauans, Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese.

Consulate-General of Japan in Hagatna :

American are 11% of population in Guam. And Filipinos are much more!

I was surprised. But I really understand the reason Guam has so many Asian food restaurants.

I love asian food, so I’m happy with this 🙂

Multinational Place

I felt there are so many privately managed shops and restaurants in Guam.

And oftentimes they’re owned by people who knows “how it actually tastes like in the country”.

I hope you know what I mean.

When I travelled, sometimes I tried Japanese food there.

In many cases, it was okay or good.

But one time I had the experience like “oh no— it’s not japanese food”,

and I knew they’ve never been to Japan and just imagine what it tastes like.

Well, maybe the owner know about it well, but the staff didn’t know. That was sad.

So, in Guam, I think I don’t need to worry about that.

And I’m happy to know that Guam is Multinational counrty.

Can’t wait to start new adventure with my partner there:)

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