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Huge buddha! – 仙台大観音[Sendai daikannon]

When you come to Sendai, and go to Sendai Castle or Observatory, ome of you may have discovered there’s a huge statue in the distance.

The 2nd largest bronze statue in Japan

It’s called “仙台大観音[Sendai daikannon]”, it is a 100-meter-long giant Buddha, the 2nd tallest bronze statue in Japan. ( #8 in the world. )

But it’s hard to imagine how big it is.

The Statue of Liberty in the United States is 93 meters tall. So it is bigger than that.

The height of 100 meters was decided in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the city of Sendai.

I was not aware that the Big Buddha was a place to visit for sightseeing. But a backpacker I hosted inspired me to visit the place.

When I ask my guests about the places they want to go, or the reason they came to Sendai, many people answered “local food”, “Matsushima”, “Zao”, “Fox village” or something like that.

But he said “The Big Buddha”.

So I was like, “What? Big Buddha? …Oh I remember that!” I didn’t even remember when was the last time I went there.

So, we went together.

I thanked him for giving me the opportunity to come here.

You can walk in the statue!

At the entrance, there is a dragon’s mouth at the foot of Kannon.

It is said that you have a good luck by passing through this entrance.

Inside, there are 12 floors.

After the reception on the second floor, you can immediately see the bronze statue of Kannon.

From there, you can take the spiral staircase to the top. There is also an elevator, but I recommend walking up.

There are 108 Buddha statues on each floor, which is the same as the number of afflictions.

The official website also mention about that, and they want people to worship the 108 Buddhas and get closer to enlightenment of the Buddha.

You’ll see many small statues of buddhas there, you might be surprised about the variety of buddha. Because we were.

And as you walk from the bottom, the light blue part of the dialogue becomes thinner and thinner. This is another point that I would like you to see.

This represents the flow of water.

It is said to be a representation of the Great Kannon of Sendai pouring the “water of wisdom” to the citizens.

After climbing to the top floor, you will arrive at the heart of Kannon.

And when you go to B1 with elevator, there’s a shrine which is called “Daikokuten”.

This place has a unique way of worshipping, so people pour oil to worship.

It is said to be blessed with good fortune in business and people.

If you are interested in bronze statues or the Great Buddha, why don’t you visit there?

Spot location

There’s buses you can use from Sendai station.

仙台市営バス (Sndai city bus)

▼You can follow the bus.

・815系統・西中山行(815 Nishinakayama yuki)

・825系統・西中山行 (825 Nishinakayama yuki)

・X910系統・市営バス実沢営業所前行 (X910 Shiei bus sanezawa eigyousyomae yuki)
▼Bus stop you should get off

仙台大観音前 (Sendai Daikannon Mae)

If you hear or see the notification that “the next stop is 仙台大観音前”, then push the bottom to let the driver know that. So the driver will stop at the bus stop.

Here is the official website :

Hope you enjoy your own trip!

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