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STAR WARS in Sendai…?

Do you like the movie?

Then, do you know the background story of it?

I’ll talk about the background story this time. If you don’t know it, now you know 🙂

STAR WARS in Sendai…?

You can see a model of Darth Vader from Star Wars in Sendai.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you may have read about it in a book that talks about the story behind the movie.

The silhouette of Darth Vader is said to be modeled after the armor of Masamune Date, one of Sendai’s most famous warlords.

But how come? I was wondered. Because there’re so many Samurai’s armors in Japan.

Background Story

Around 1975, when the concept of “Star Wars” was being developed, Sendai City Museum’s director received an international call from the movie production company.

They asked him to send them photos of a black armor called “Kuro Urushi-nuri Gomai Dogusoku”. And he sent them.

I didn’t figure it out the exact reason why they chose this one through the interview articles, but maybe the color and shape fit perfectly to George Lucas’s ideal image.

And this armor is said “easy to move around in, so it was like a revolutionary item at that time. So it’s also perfest to used for people who need to fast.

Spot Information

It is still in the collection of the Sendai City Museum.

※Now it’s under renovation. So it’ll be open on 1/4/2024

You can get there by train. The closest station is “国際センター(Kokusai center : International center)station” or “大町西公園(Oomachi Nishi Kouen : Oomachi Nishi park)station”.

You can also walk from Sendai Station, it takes about 30 minutes.

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