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[ Nihongo ] The more you know, the more your trip is fun and memorable!

Did you try to speak Japanese during your tip in Japan? Or just use your phone and relied on translation all the time?

The reason I recommend to speak Japanese while you’re in Japan

If you’ve never tried to speak the foreign language, just try it! I’m sure your trip is gonna be more enjoyable.

This is why I recommend that.

  • You can have more oppotunity to get helps from local people.
    • Once locals see that you’re trying to talk in Japanese, they’d listen to you more.
    • Many Japanese think “I don’t understand English at all” even they know and speak English a little. So if you speak some Japanese, then they might try to tell you with some English.

  • You might be able to have rare experiences.
    • If you know Japanese well, then it’s easier to find seasonal information. And you can ask people about it.
    • Some locals have their favorite but hidden spots. And sometimes they tell you when they find out you communicate with them in Japanese.

  • You know the culture deeply
    • Once locals notice that you speak some Japanese, they would get close to you and talk more.
    • They might tell you about their place’s histories, customs, and more. (Especially in some places like Japanese Izakaya bar, or guest house)

Nihongo tips for visitors

But I know, Japanese is complicated! (Because I heard that from many foreign friends)

So, I will write about “Japanese for Trip” some times a month.

You can use it when you’re travelling in Japan. Hope it would be some help for your fun trip!

Excuse me.


This is really convenient. Oftentimes it’s also used as the meaning of “Thank you”. Like when you keep open the door for someone, the person might say “Sumimasen” to you.

Can you help me to find the way (to go to ○○○)

(○○○ への)みち を おしえて ください。[(○○○ e no)michi wo oshiete kudasai]

If you get lost somewhere, it’s better to ask locals about the way.

Maybe, if they have enough time, you can have a guide for a bit.

Thank you so much.

ありがとうございます。[Arigatou gozaimasu]

This is important, of cause. Always good to tell people appreciation.

Probably, I should mention about “number” in Japanese. We have so many ways to count.

But there is a convenient type to remenber.

I’ll write about it later soon.

If you have questions, feel free to ask me 🙂

Thank you for reading.

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