Japanese Cocktail “Reggae-Punch”

Do you like Reggae? But I’m sure no one wants to get punch from anyone.

But “Reggae-Punch” is a cocktail, so it doesn’t hurt you. Unless you drink too much.;)

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Japanese Cocktail “Reggae-Punch”

So, “Reggae-Punch” is a cocktail which was born in Sendai, Japan.

It’s made with peach liqueur and oolong tea. The taste is sweet and little bit bitter.

You can see it on menu in many Izakaya restraunts in Japan, but the name might be just “Peach oolong” instead of using “Reggae-Punch” in many places.

Some of us call it with shortened name “Regepan”.

History of “Reggae-Punch”

In 1989 (or 1991), it’s born in Kokubuncho area which is known as an entertainment district. It’s around bubble years, so it was common to go to club or bar and enjoy the dancing and music.

At a bar, there’s a woman who comes oftentimes but she didn’t like the alchol taste. And the master created the cocktail for her. That’s the story of “Reggae-Punch”.

Why “Reggae”?

It’s because the woman loved Reggae. So it sounds like the cocktail is literally made for her. 🙂

But how about “Punch”?

Well, I didn’t get the answer about it. Maybe like “The taste is amazingly good like it punch her”…??

It’s up to your imagine. haha

As I mentioned before, it was the “bubble” time. Many people go to Kokubuncho area to dance with loud music. And they get thirsty often. They still want to drink alchol but beer is little heavy to keep dancing for long.

“Reggae-Punch” is not sparkling drink, and less alchol compared with beer. So it became popular drink among them.

And now, you can see it in many places, even not in Tohoku region.

Similar drink “Ku-Nyan”

In Hokkaido, there’s a cocktail called “Ku-Nyan”.

It’s made with peach liqueur, oolong tea, plus gin. So it’s really similar but different one.

It’s the cocktail which regular customer ask the master to make it, then it became standerd cocktail.

And the name is from chinese name. They use peach liqueur, and oolong tea is originally from China, so they name it “peach Ku-nyan”, which means “peach butt girl”.

Then people say it as shortened name, so it turned “Ku-Nyan”

Just one drink has stories.

And in these cases, they were born thanks to “one regular customer”. It means, each of us can creat something new:)

How about in your town? Is there something like these?

I’d love to hear that you found.

Thank you for reading.

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