Just a photo, but “The one”

Have you had the experiemce like “just one photo change the situation”?

It might be happen oftentimes in movies, because it’s dramatic. And maybe in courts, and police office, if you’re related somehow.

I saw a miracle in front of me. After that, I try to ask people if they want me to take the picture when I see visitors trying to do it by thirselves.

The photo lead to miracle reunion

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

I met a guy though Couchsurfing in 2017. His purpose was to fulfill his over 15 years promise with his old friends. He has lived in Sendai until 10 years old. And he moved to America because of his parents’ job.

He had no connection when he got to Japan. But he brought some pictures he had.

Because, you know, it’s 15 years ago. It’s not common for many kids to have a phone yet. So if you move somewhere, it’s really difficult to keep in touch with people you used to hang out.

But he believed he can find the way and meet his friends again. He was keen to make this come true because he promised “I’ll come back” to his friends.

And he sent me message because I live in Sendai and my age is close to his age. (Only 1 year gap we have.) So he took a gamble on me…! 😮

Once he got to Sendai, he went to the elementary school he used to go and ask teachers if they know someone with showing the pics he had.

And, there’s a teacher knows his teacher and found out he still lives nearby. So he went to his house and met him.

That’s what he told me when we met in person. I was like “wow! you made it so fast!!” And he’ve got some copies from school album, and showed me the photos. I watched them carefully and ,,, the miracle happened.

I stopped on a group photo, and I was like “wait… what? I think I know her!”

There was my friend! She was my classmate in high school. She had to stay in the first grade because of her health, so she studied with 1 year younger students for 3 years.

I contact with her to check the elementary school she went and if she still remembers him.

She said yes and she was also surprised why and how I know about him. Then we started to plan “reunion party” for him.

It was just,, wow. I didn’t imagine that could happen. And we were so happy about that and cried little bit together :’)

At the party, he could meet 5 more friends and the teacher. Including his best friend. It was absolutely amazing time.

If he didn’t bring any photo to the school, it’s more difficult to find the way.

If he didn’t show me the photo, I never know my friend was his calssmate.

So, “only photo” made this miracle thing happen.

The photo heal people

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Photo has the power to heal people sometimes.

Like, I know there are so many people lost thier family and loved ones with Tohoku enormous disaster. And after that, the photos were little hope they had. The tsunami took so many lives and bodies, and there are still missing people, more than 3,000 now.

The hope was for “living”, but changed to “body”, and “something related to the person”.

It’s sad but real. And at that time, even “just a photo” heal or bring some hopes for people. I will never forget this.

We never know which one can be the one

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Which photo can be the important one for you? We don’t know yet. Maybe we never know until the one helps us.

So when I see visitors trying to take pics, I ask them if I can help with it. Because I think like “what if it’s the last trip for them in thier lives?” “what if it’s really important trip for them?”, I’d love to help to make amazing memories.

Taking pictures might be nothing for some people, but I believe it can be something good.

And it takes less than 1 munite usually, so why don’t you ask for help?

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