Japanese beat Damon with beans!

In Japan, we have a traditional custom in February. People throw beans with yelling “Oniwa~soto, Fukuwa~uchi”.

What’s the event?

You might know about it if you’ve lived in Japan. It’s called “豆まき(まめまき):Mamemaki”, means throwing beans. And people do it on “節分(せつぶん):Setsubun”.

Setsubun literally means “division of the seasons”. So in February, it shows “the last day of winter, and bringing the start of spring”, then we celebrate as a meaning of purification and cleaning.

And we have several ways for that, but the most common thing is “throwing beans to *Oni”.

Open the door to make the path to let Oni out, set the “Oni” outside, and do it.

*Oni: a demon-like creature from Japanese folklore.


Why “Beans”?

There are some believes in Japan.

・Oni comes during seasonal changes.

・Grain has life force, and power of warding off evil.

And the sounds are the same “豆(Beans)” and “魔滅(Beating evil)”.

So, it means ancient people used pun for the event…? I’m glad they also like jokes. haha

Anyways, this is why people use beans.


Speak it loud!…?

We throw beans with yelling “Oniwa~soto, Fukuwa~uchi”. Well, I don’t yell anymore but when I was a kid, yes I did.

It means “Go away, Oni! And Come inside, Good luck!”.

( In some places, they welecome both of them. It says they can change Oni’s mind with accepting. )

And in some area, there’s also the custom to say the word to make a quick response for it.

It’s “ごもっとも : Gomottomo”, means “right”/”make sence”.

And I found it even in Miyagi. ー Oh, I didn’t know that, but good to know!


Please touch it nicely…!

The Chosenji Setsubun “Setsubun Tsui nae” is held at Chosenji Temple in Kakuda City, south of Miyagi Prefecture .
There, I found a slightly unusual custom.

At Chosenji’s beans-throwing, after elder people said “Fuku wa uchi, Oni wa soto!”, people say “Gomottomo”. And young boys touch visitors’ groins with wooden pestle. So it means “let’s be open and make it literally happen about “Fortune comes to the laughing gate.” with praying for the prosperity of the descendants and the abundance of the five grains.
Please come and join us for this slightly naughty beans-throwing.

the Soto sect Chosenji blog

By the way, as far as I can see in the picture, the young boys looks like “kindergarten to the lower grades of elementary school” -year-boys.
But isn’t it around the age when embarrassment comes out, or play aggressive conversely?

Well, only people knows what would be like in the event.

Including such things, I guess “laughter” literally occurs naturally and fortune comes. interesting.

Unfortunately, it was canceled this year due to the influence of Corona.
Let’s look forward to next February, Setsubun Day!

Soto Sect Chosenji Blog: https://blog.goo.ne.jp/chousenji


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