Latte Stone in Guam looks like こけし[Kokeshi doll]!

I found something in common between Miyagi and Guam.

Do you know “Latte Stone”? I’m sure you’ll see it when you go to Guam.

What is Latte Stone?

It’s megalithic remains made of coral stones found in Guam and the Mariana Islands. (It may be written as “Latde, Latti, Latdi” instead of Latte.)

Many of them were made in the 9th to 15th centuries, and they were rooted in the lives of Chamorro, who are the indigenous people of the Mariana Islands. And it is believed that they were used as the foundation of the building .
A stilt house that was also in Japan during the Yayoi and Jomon periods.

But when was those??? So I looked it up.

It’s around the 3rd and 4th centuries BC. The wisdom of our ancestors is still alive beyond the 10th century. Wow.

Latte Stone

And this shape is unique.
You’d see the shape as a souvenir design of Guam and the Mariana Islands.

When I saw it, I thought it was a cute design and also feel familier somehow.

And now I found out the reason.

It’s similar to Miyagi’s traditional craft “Kokeshi”!

I didn’t know about Latte stone at all before, but I found the common thing with something I always see in my life. So,,, guess what. ?

I feel more familier to Latte stone. How easy I am. haha

And when I searvh about Latte stone, exact what I thought was already written on the Guam Visitors Bureau website!
“Latte stone with a unique shape like a kokeshi doll” .

Oh, I didn’t notice…!
The next time I go to Guam, I will try to find a “Latte Stone” that is closer to “Kokeshi doll”. I will write more about kokeshi dolls in another post at a later date, but
it is a toy for children and a lucky charm for mental and physical recovery and a good harvest .

Latte stones physically protect people’s lives.
Kokeshi dolls support people’s hearts.

Both of them are close to people’s lives.

New Latte Stones are still being built. It’s like not just to protect the ruins, but to keep the symbolic Chamorro in Guam.
It would be good to increase the spots people can see the history of Guam.

However, due to the effects of global infectious diseases that began in 2020, Guam, a tourism-oriented country, is in a critical situation.
The unemployment rate also reached a record high in December 2021.
I’d like to create the jobs and help people who are struggling with getting jobs. But how…?

With that in mind, I sincerely hope that the people who run the stores in the area will be able to travel between countries as quickly and safely as possible.

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