Who I am

Here I would like to talk about me.
Because if I found some articles/books I love, I would like to know more about the author.

What are you doing

Simply, I’m a person who is working to connect Miyagi and the world.
Specifically, I am doing these things below.

  • Made-to-order guide for solo trip in Miyagi
  • General affairs / translation at a Bangladeshi restaurant in Miyagi
  • Translation (Support of creators and stores in Miyagi / Tohoku)
  • Writer (About Miyagi, my life overseas, books)
  • Podcast hosting (About Miyagi / Guam / Overseas / Learning)

Reasons to write Blog

  • Because I thought my experience and learning might help someone.
  • Because I can increase the oppotunity where people know about “Miyagi” and “different perspectives about things you have”.
  • Because it will be a practice to write articles.
  • Because it makes my mind more clear.

What is the meaning of “connection between Miyagi and the world”?

  • Let more people Miyagi / Tohoku
  • Let more local people know about overseas, and be more interested in the world.

Why do I want to do this?

As a destination for domestic tourists and tourists visiting Japan, Tohoku is oftentimes in the middle to lower rankings.
But I see many beautiful things, places, and people in this area.

So I was really grateful for that Lonely Planet chose “Tohoku region” as #3 on their top travel recommendations for the year 2020.


But then, as you know, this whole world situation has changed in the year.

So people couldn’t come visit even though they want. So I started to think about “Just do what I can do for Miyagi/Tohoku and people who are interested in this area”.
I would like to tell about Miyagi, as one a fan, a local, and a person who has the perspectives from overseas, including many things that I learned from visitors.

Some of visitors I guided become repeaters, and some of them recommended Miyagi/Tohoku (and me) to their friends who are traveling in Japan…! I’m really thankful for that.
On the other hand, I heard some sad things such as “I can’t get to the guide because I couldn’t find the signs”, “People gave me a strange look”, and “They reject me beccause I’m foreigner”.

Well, no matter which country or region you go to, you may get this kind of reaction sometimes.
I guess it is human psychology that makes us skeptical about something we don’t know at all, something we have never seen, and something that exceed our understanding.
But what if you knew a little about the things before? What if you heard about it before? And what if you had a chance to think about how to react to something new?

The reaction would be different.
Maybe we can change the negative situation like what I’ve heard, and that might make us feel familier with them.

I’ve lived in Miyagi for more than 25 years, and I will move to Guam. I’m hoping my blog would help someone to know about Miyagi and expand their horizons.

So, I write articles in Japanese too. Knowing makes you feel more comfortable, relax, and easy to start conversation, right?

That’s why, I would like to tell the world about Miyagi and learn about the world as well.

Reasons for the motto “Health first, both physically and mentally”

・ I want to be a giver for life, and feel gratitude for others and myself before I die.
・ I feel that I need to be healthy in order to make my own decisions, and make it a good one.

In the past, I have had alopecia areata and subdepression due to “bullying, mobbing, psychologically stressful work, lack of sleep”.
I was unhealthy both physically and mentally at that time. As my thinking ability also declined, I couldn’t notice that there’s a choice to leave/quit the job.
And what I said is “I wanted to help people!” But the fact is, I just made my family and friends worry, instead of working toward that goal.

Now, healthy me, would say this.

I have only one life, so I want to choose the path I go by myself.
And for that, it is important to be in good health, especially mentally.

After realizing that, my second life started in the summer of 2016.
I’m still learning and practicing my physical and mental health every day. 🙂

And as I’ll move to Guam, I have another dream now.
It’s to “Make a place in Guam where people can know/feel about of Miyagi / Tohoku”.

Little bit more about me

Like… Language, dogs, autumn, movies, music, pictures, comedy
Hate… Sakuradenbu ( Japanese very sweet furikake )
Strongness… Grasping person’s meaning, changing the way things are perceived
Not good at… Gathering with a large number of people
Hobbies… Cleaning , walking, reading, creative cooking, trying new food/restaurants, workout at home

Here is a one Japanese four-character idiomatic compounds I want to share.
磨斧作針 [Mafusakushin], is used as a metaphor for the fulfillment of even difficult things if you continue to work hard. I found the word when I was a junior high school student, and I still remember and write it to my note to encourage myself whenever I need.

With this spirit, I will continue to do it steadily with “Think big, Start small”.

Thank you for reading.

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