Dialect in Miyagi – いずい[Izui]

Do you know the word “Izui”?

What is Izui?

It’s a dialect of Miyagi prefecture, which means that you feel uncomfortable, awkward, bit strange, or something like that.
Most of the scenes are used in conversation.

For example,

“I tried toe socks, but it feels [Izui], so I ended up taking them off.”

“It doesn’t hurt but looks like something is in my eyes.”

It’s not painful or itchy, but you can tell that something makes you feel uncomfortable by using the word.

Choose “Izui” for growth

Recently, I often read books about business and self-development, and I see one of the important points for growth is “getting out of the comfort zone.”
It is important to get a sense of fulfillment in the current situation, but if you want to grow even a little from the current situation, it is important to put yourself in an unfamiliar environment, change something even it’s a small thing, and take action.

So, it is necessary for growth to keep yourself in an “Izui” state.
Well, such a good dialect we have! It can be the key for human growth.

Do you have any dialects or unique intonations in your area or family ?

When I hear the dialect of my hometown, I feel like “I’m back” and I feel relaxed.
It’s nice to have words like this.

I’m sure people would be surprised if you use it on the trip of Miyagi. 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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