I like rice better than mochi. But.


In Japan, it’s one of traditions that we eat mochi (rice cake) during New Year’s holiday. Probably you’ve heard about it before.
So far, I ate 5 cut of mochi. Well, I’m enough to be honest. I prefer rice.

But even I’m not a big fan of mochi, I miss a cuisine which is usually served with mochi.
That is called “Fusube Mochi”

It’s a traditional cusine in Kurihara city of Miyagi prefecture. I’m sure many people don’t know about this even in Japan. So you’re lucky if you have the chance to taste!

It’s a soup with plenty of grated burdock.
So it doesn’t look like a food you eat for celebration, but the taste is really good.
If you like burdock, please give it a try.

Every New Year, my mother and my grandmother cook it.
I liked this soup even without mochi, but it’s also really good with mochi.

Why is the name “Fusube Mochi”?

In Kurihara area, people used to eat loach and snail as protein sources for a long time. And they use loach powder in the cuisine.

In the process of turning loaches into powder, there is a work of smoking, and this smoking was called “Fusuberu”, so it became “Fusube Mochi”.

However, nowadays, people often use minced meat instead of loach powder. Actually I’ve never had the original one, so I’m familier with the new version taste.
If you like spicy food, I recommend adding red chili pepper to it.

Here is the “about” recipe. *so I don’t mention about the quantities.

Fusube mochi recipe

[Ingredients] (Minced meat version)
・Burdock (grated)
・Japanese white radish (grated) * Optional
・Minced meat
・Oil (for stir-fry)
・Soy sauce
・Sugar * Optional

[How to make] *Using soup pan
1. Fry the grated burdock root and minced meat in oil.
 (if you want to add radish, add it a few mins later)
2. When it is cooked, add water, sake, and soy sauce. Then skim off foam. Boil over low heat
 (if you want to add sugar, you can add it here)
*Add soy sauce if you need more taste, and it’s done!

How easy! You might think, but making grated root vegetable is more tiring than you expected. haha

Especially when you need to make it for your whole family, it’s hard.
But maybe it can be a good family’s activity for the New Year? 

It tastes better than it looks.
I hope it will be helpful for someone who likes burdock root and those who is looking for ways to eat mochi.

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