Travel to Guam from Japan. In December, 2021


※It is the situation at the time of my experience, but I will keep it as a record so that it will be helpful for those who want to see the latest experiences.

At Narita International Airport

Since a negative certificate of PCR test within 24 hours is required, there’s the only the option to receive it at the PCR center in Narita airport.

30,000 yen with advance reservation. (It is a little more expensive if there is no reservation)
If I had enough time, there is another way to make it cheaper, but the top priority is to be able to go safely.
My flight was around 5:30PM, so I made a reservation at 11:00AM to be safe.

On the website, it says it takes about 2 hours to get the result at the ealiest, but I highly recommend you to reseve it with extra time for yourself.

So, this was my case.

*Reservation 11:00AM
10:45AM Arrived at the PCR center and filled out the contact form according to the guidance.
10:57AM Reception and payment. You will be guided to the inspection in numerical order.
11:20AM Inspection completed
14:30PM Inspection result received

I reconfirmed the oath and vaccinated certificate that I should submit when I enter Guam.
Since I will go by ESTA, I also printed a reservation completion screen so that I can tell where I am staying.


When I was checking various documents and procedures, the time had passed faster than I thought.
But it’s happened sometimes, right?

Check in and board.
The flight was full. It was surprising thing in difficult situation because of COVID-19. But anyways, I got the seat.

In addition to the customs declaration, you will also be given an oath and a health checklist on board.
I wanted to write it on the plane right away, but I couldn’t take it out because I forgot to take the pen from my backpack… It’s good lesson for my next trip.

Arrive at Guam International Airport

From the arrival to immigration, it seems like it’s just the same as usual.
There were many American citizens and permanent residents, and the number of people who came for a short stay was extremely small, so I could pass immediately without lining up.
After that, went to the step of submitting and confirming the documents. Then, customs.
I am surprised that I was able to enter the country in short time. I guess it was about 20 mins. Wow.

I feel like it’s the same as that it takes time to cook, but it’s gone quickly once we eat.

The airport was also quiet.
The people who come to pickup have to wait outside instead of entering the airport.

My very first time in Guam. I hope that you will never see such a quiet scenery in the high season for tourism.

Guam had no quarantine period for anyone who could submit all the required documents, such as vaccinations and negative certificates, as of December when I arrived, so I was able to go to the hotel I booked immediately.

There are many “closed” stores in Guam.
I talked to some locals and they said it’s sad not to have many visitors and see some good stores had to close permanently.
It was a period of stay that gave me a glimpse of how the tourism-oriented country is in a difficult situation.

There should be a lot of people who are in trouble because they can’t work. But on the other hand, staff recruitment posters are posted in various places.
Is it because it is not well recognized, or is it a matching problem?
Is this a problem in every country?

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