Coming back to Japan from Guam. In December, 2021

※It is the situation at the time of my experience, but I will keep it as a record so that it will be helpful for those who want to see the latest experiences.

In Guam

During my stay in Guam, restrictions on entry into Japan will be tightened, and the plan to return home on the day of my return will be changed to 3 days in hotel isolation before going back home.
I only have winter clothes for my return day. I have to be prepared for the cold…

To enter Japan, I need a negative certificate of PCR test within 72 hours, so I went to the clinic 2 days before the flight.
At that time,Guam has a “free PCR program” that pays for the PCR tests required for travelers to return home, so thankfully it didn’t cost anything on me.
Details can be found on the Guam government website.

Here, how to make a reservation.
I applied for it with the reservation form as instructed on the website.
→ I didn’t get any contact though it says they will contact me.

And on the morning, it’s the day I supposed to get the test.
…Well? They should’ve get in touch…? I asked my boyfriend call me.
After listening to looong automatic voice guidance and waiting music, finally we could talk to the staff.
We asked if they already checked my application and explain about my itinerary.
Then after confirming the reservation, the flight, etc., she said “You can come now, and we can let you take the test.” 

So, we started to prepare for leaving the hotel.

I’d say,, don’t count on the website. haha

And depending on the hospital, reservations are already ful. So it’s better to call with plenty of time to make a reservation.

And I recommend you to make a note of the name of the staff who you talked on the call when making a phone reservation. If something happens at the clinic, you can make sure with the memo.

I went to FHP which is participating in the program.
After reception at around 11 o’clock, waited in the car.
A few minutes later, I got a call and went to a drive-through spot for inspection.
After confirming the name, date of birth, etc., took the inspection.

At the reception, I was asked, “What is the standard format in Japan? If you have one, you need to bring it.”. But the nurse at the inspection told me “We’ll make the certificate with Japanese format, so you don’t need to prepare anything. Just come here to get when we’re ready.”.
I learned that the information may be different even within the same hospital.

They said they will contact me when the results and documents are ready. 
On the next day, I didn’t get in touch until after noon, so we just went to the clinic to check.
When I arrived there, the documents are already ready! The staff gave me as soon as I asked.

Yay! What a perfect timing!
I am very grateful for his wit to go.
I’d say, better not expect anything for others. Make action. 

Guam International Airport

On the day of the flight, check the documents with the staff again at check-in.
In order to enter Japan, I needed a negative certificate, download the app, etc., and they checked all of them.
The duty-free shops are open as usual.

Then, when the departure procedure is over and it’s about time for boarding, I noticed.
… Oh, I don’t have my winter jacket.
I left it in his car. Ahhhh. It’ll stay in Guam, which doesn’t need winter jacket. haha
However, it means I will go back to Tohoku without the winter jacket …?
But I remembered.
The day before my return, I miraculously bought a fur hoodie.
During tipsy shopping with my boyfriend to use the gift card given by his mother. At that time, he told me that Sendai is winter, so I should buy something for it.
I wonder if I had foreseen to forget the jacket,,,? Awsome.
Anyway, I got help thanks to his mother and him …!


In addition to the customs declaration, you will be given an oath and a form for health check.
I learned from the last time! I took out the pen from my bag and started writing.

Landing completed at Narita Airport. From here, it was very different from normal.
“We will give priority to passengers who are staying in Japan. If you are not, please cooperate to let them get off the plane.” said with announcement
I missed it, but the boy sitting next to me to told me and let me out. Thank you, Burger King Boy. (Because he was eating Burger King wearing a Burger King paper crown during the flight)

Narita International Airport

3:47PM Landing in Japan
4:00PM Guidance for disembarkation with priority given to those staying in Japan. You will be guided to the aisle lined with chairs.
4:47PM Inspection acceptance started. (Questionnaire confirmation → Oath inspection → Oath confirmation → App download confirmation → App usage explanation → QR code presentation of the result of answering on the government website)
5:27PM Final check, waiting seat guidance
7:38PM The staff gave us Onigiri and pastry
7:46PM Called and go to immigration. (Immigration → Luggage receipt → Customs)
8:05PM Arrive at the arrival gate exit.
8:15PM Walk to the exit near the shuttle bus stop
8:41PM Board the bus
8:59PM Arrive at the hotel (family, couples and pairs give priority to guidance)
9:10PM Arrive at the hotel room

* On this day, there was an announcement that it takes time to adjust the bus and accommodation, so it seems that it took longer than other days.

About 5 hours after landing in Japan. I was surprised that how many processes and people are involved.
And, for better or for worse, I felt like I saw the “tightness” of Japan.


The flow of the day is like this.
Around 6:50AM Specimen announcement (if there is a person leaving the hotel on that day)
7: 00AM ~ Specimen collection (if you move out of the hotel on that day)
Around 7:50AM Breakfast serving and health check reminder announcement
* Around 8:00AM, answer the health observation chat every single day
* Answer the health status report of MySOS
Around 8:40AM Breakfast serving completed, announcement that it is OK to open the door
Around 10:50AM Lunch serving announcement
Around 11:40AM Lunch serving completed, door Announcement of OK to open and take
Around 4:50PM Announcement of dinner serving around
Around 5:40PM Announcement of OK to open and take

* The time when the request for the current location report on the MySOS app comes and the time for the video call, it seems random.
Current location report: Twice a day
Video call: Twice a day

Last day of hotel isolation

The plan is to return to the airport by shuttle bus around 4:00PM.
2:39PM A phone call in the hotel room rand and they told me the result was negative, so come down to the ground floor with all my luggage. Returned the room key and thermometer, confirm the name and confirm the voluntary quarantine period.
2:49PM Board the shuttle bus
2:53PM Arrive at Terminal 2
3:06PM Arrive at Terminal 1
→ Went home with my car.

On the final day, I was able to move out much earlier than planned. Thanks to packing my luggage in the morning, I could leave the room as soon as I got the call.

Self-Quarantine period

Self-Quarantine period at home. At the time of writing this article, I’m still in quarantine.
When driving on the highway, I felt that the cold air of Tohoku region gradually becomes even in the car.
This is winter in Tohoku. I was prepared for the snowy road, but it hasn’t fallen at all. Not piled up. Oh? …lucky!
When I entered Miyagi and finally had a snowfall. I wonder if it is saying “Welcome back” to me. haha

The first thing to do when you get home is MySOS’s “waiting location registration”, which allows you to switch from your hotel address to your home address.

In Self-Quarantine period, you don’t need to answer the health observation chat, but the health status report on MySOS, the current location report twice, and the video call twice did not change.
14 days in total.

And if you have nothing until the last day, the Quarantine period is over.

Some people were worried that stress might build up during the quarantine period, but
so far it has been fulfilling.
I have enough food. I can work from home. I always exercise at home, so there is no problem.
The only thing I can say is that I don’t have the opportunity to talk in person.
But I don’t feel so painful because I’m listening to various people’s podcasts now and talked on the phone.
I have about 1 week left, but I think it’s a luxury time, because I can use the whole time for me 🙂

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