Jozenji Street Jazz Festival – 定禅寺ストリート ジャズ フェスティバル #September

Have you ever seen a Jazz festival in Japan? How about one that is held in the main street of the city?

In Sendai, we have a Jazz festival called the ” Jozenji Street Jazz Festival”.

This festival history began in 1991. Many musicians, business owners, and people agreed with the concept “Music must be played outside originally”, their passion made this event. They made an executive committee and held the festival in September. They made nine stages on two main streets and in Koutoudai park, which is one of central parks in Sendai, twenty five bands and 150 musicians played at the festival. At the very first event, about 5,000 spectators came to enjoy.

But think about the concept :”[Music] must be played outside” they don’t need to focus only on Jazz! . Since 1992, they accepted any kinds of music and it is still loved by so many people.

Since 2000, the festival became a 2 days festival. **Thank you music lovers and people who made it happen!!

Now, it is one of the most famous festivals in Miyagi prefecture. The musicians come not only from other regions of Japan but also other countries! Also, it’s good for businesses too, so now you can see so many food trucks and small pop-up shops during the festival.

In 2019, because we cannot do it in 2020, over 200 bands and 5,000 musicians came to play, there were 92 stages for 2 days. 770,000 people came to enjoy the festival.

This festival is supported by citizens, Sendai city, many companies, volunteers, financial supporters, and spectator’s festival-goers. There is an opportunity to join as players or staff. You can apply on the website below :

And you are also welcome to join as a supporter, through donation, and coming to enjoy the festival!

I hope we can see the festival again soon 🙂

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