Jougi Nyorai (Saihouji temple) – 定義如来(西方寺) in Miyagi


This is one of famous temple in Sendai. The entrance/gate “Sanmon[山門]”, bell tower “Shouroudou[鐘楼堂]”, and 3 other architectures were designated as important national cultural properties in 2018. Those are built in 1927.

Some people affectionately call it “Jougi san” or “Jouge san”. Jouge is especially used by local/old people because of local accent.

I was thinking to tell you about history and some other details in English, but probably it’s much better way to let you know the website this time. They explain about the temples, information of events. You might get the chance to walk inside the temple with monk’s guide, or listen to Sutra there.

Web site :

About Important national cultural properties :

I’d like to recommend some other things as well… Food!

It’s Tofu, so you can try it even though you’re vegetarian! ( I said it because I think it’s still not easy to find the place to get vegetarian food during travel in Japan)

There are some shops in front of the gate, the Tofu shop “定義とうふ店[Jougi Tofu ten]” is on the street. and usually many people gather around there, so it should be easy to get there.

I want you to try “あぶら揚げ[Abura age]-Fried Tofu”.

Maybe,, now some of you think “I know fried tofu, so I’m okay not to try this” ??? No, you should try, your image will be changed. It’s crispy and little bit moist inside.


【定義如来西方寺 – Jougi Nyorai Saihouji】

*Time*Main precincts ⇒ 7:45 – 16:15, Other area ⇒ 8:00 – 16:15

*Address*〒 989-3213 仙台市青葉区大倉字上下1 (Sendai-shi, Aoba-ku, Ookura Jouge 1)

*How to get there*By train/bus

you can go there by bus from 仙台駅(Sendai station) or 愛子駅(Ayashi station) of JR line.

From Sendai station : bus stop #10, and take the bus which has sign “Jogi” or “定義”. (Probably it would be number 845(844).) It takes about 90 mins. Please be careful not to take other buses, they go towards other area. If you want to use train to Ayashi station, you can use JR Senzan line[仙山線], and use bus from Ayashi station.

Time schedule from Sendai station :

From Ayashi station : take the bus which has sign “Jogi” or “定義”. (Probably it would be number 845(844).) It takes about 40 mins.

Time schedule from Ayashi station :

【定義とうふ店 – Jougi Tofu ten】

*Time* 8:00 – 16:00 ※It depends the season, so you should check the website

I’d be happy if this is some tips for your trip! Enjoy your trip:)

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