Sweet crashed beans – ずんだ[Zunda]

“OHHHHH IT’S AMAZING!” “tastes good” “well,, I don’t like it” “I’m confused but good”…. That’s all I heard about Zunda from my guests.

So, what is “ZUNDA”?? Probably many people don’t know about it, even Japanese.

It’s one of traditional/local sweets in Sendai. and it is eaten with Mochi (rice cakes) or Dango originally. According to some reports, Masamune Date(1567-1636), who was a regional ruler of Tohoku area in Japan, used to eat it during battle. So it means this sweets has been loved by many people for more than 400 years.

How to make: Peel edamame beans skin(the thick skin too), crash it to make it like paste, add some water, sugar, and pinch of salt. Done! pretty easy to make but it should be used fresh edamame beans and the taste would be different depends on how much you add sugar and salt. Actually some people don’t add salt, but I prefer using it.

ー I said “originally”, because now it’s known as one of flavors of shakes/smoothies.

Zunda shake is getting popular, you can get it at Sendai station, and some shops on the main street from the station.

Hope you enjoy the new taste♪

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