Sendai Tanabata festival – 仙台七夕祭り #August

Before I describe the details about it. I guess I should tell you about this.. Unfortunately, it was cancelled this year because of the quarantine situation..

Tanabata is one of seasonal festival in Japan, and Sendai tanabata is one of Three greatest festival in Tohoku area. The history is started in the beginning of Edo era. People made the decorations for encouraging the depression, and it’s held on July 7th with In ancient calendar. In many places, it’s held on July 7th with new calendar now, but Sendai city follow the old one and have the festival on August 6th to 8th.

In the festival, you can see so many decorations which is called “吹き流し[Fukinagashi]” , and other 6 different decorations. All of them have different meanings. I’ll add pictures later.

*paper colorful streamers- 吹き流し[Fukinagashi]: Improvement of arts and handicrafts

*paper kimono – 紙衣[Kamigoromo]: Improvement of sewing, and believed to ward off health and accidents

*wishing paper – 短冊[Tanzaku]: the piece of paper you can write wishes. each color has own meaning. (Red : gratefulness, Blue/Green: morality, Yellow: trust, White: sense of responsibility, Black/Purple: diligence)

*paper cranes – 折り鶴[Orizuru]: longevity, good health and safety of family

*paper nets – 投網[Toami]: good harvest, good fishing

*paper purse – 巾着[Kinchaku]: wealth, good business

*trash bags – 屑籠[Kuzukago]: thrifty, cleanliness

And, all of them are usually made by Japanese paper (和紙[washi]) , it’s strong with rain, and in my opinion, it looks more soft because of the texture. About 3,000 of decorations will be welcoming you when you visit Sendai on those days. (But again, not this year… sorry)

Many companies, local groups, and school students make the decorations each year. In many cases, it takes about 6 month to make it! And there’s the competition of it, so I enjoy it every year. You’ll find really gorgeous and beautiful designs. 🙂


Usually during August 6th – 8th. ***It can be chnaged, so please check it on the internet.

◆How to get there:

It’s all the main street from Sendai station to Koutoudai Park(勾当台公園[Koutoudai kouen], so it should be easy to find the way!

I hope you enjoy the time in Miyagi!

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