Akiu great waterfall – 秋保大滝[akiuootaki]

Today, I want to recommend you about a beautiful waterfall “Akiu waterfall”.

Akiu waterfall in Miyagi

Wise : 6 m, High: 55 m

I think I took this picture during Summer. I recommend the scenery of Summer and Autumn.

You’ll see fresh green colored trees with it in Summer. Also, it depends on the wind but you could feel the natural mist.:) Some people enjoy in the water as well.

You can enjoy the different face of it with more colored leaves(紅葉) in Autumn.

This spot is popular as one of sightseeing places in Miyagi, many people come visit here, but most people look down at it.

But this is the one you can go really close, even touch (well, it can be little bit dangerous, so be careful if you try). I highly recommend you to go down to see and feel it in front of you!

◆How to get there:

 The best way is using car, but you can go with bus and train as well.

*Monday to Friday :

[Sendai station(仙台駅)] – TRAIN: JR Senzan Line(JR仙山線) >>[Ayashi station(愛子駅)] – BUS: Sendai city bus(仙台市営バス) Towards Futakuchi Keikoku(二口渓谷方面行き) >> [Akiuootaki(秋保大滝)]

This is the time schedule (April, 2020) : https://akiusato.jp/kannai/pdf/jikoku_shiei.pdf

*Saturday, Sunday, and Public holiday

[Sendai station(仙台駅)] – BUS: Miyakou bus(宮交バス or 宮城交通バス) >>[Akiuootaki(秋保大滝)]

I put the time schedule here but be careful : 秋保温泉湯元 and 秋保大滝 is not the same station or close station. So you should follow the word ” 秋保大滝 ” if you want to visit the waterfall.

(April, 2020) https://akiusato.jp/kannai/pdf/jikoku_miyako1.pdf

◆Address(住所): You can copy it and paste 😉

 〒982-0244 宮城県仙台市太白区秋保町馬場 字 大滝

◆Useful conversations: You can try to ask in Japanese if you can read Hiragana.

Excuse me. – すみません。(Sumimasen)

Will this bus go to “Akiu ootaki”? – このばすは、あきうおおたきにいきますか?(Kono bus wa, Akiu ootaki ni ikimasuka)

Do you know which bus/train goes to “Akiu ootaki”? – どのばすが、あきうおおたきにいくか、しっていますか?(Dono bus ga, Akiu ootaki ni ikuka, shitte imasuka?)

Pardon?/One more time, please? – なんですか?(Nandesuka?)/ もういちど、おねがいします(Mou ichido, onegai shimasu)

Thank you. – ありがとう(Arigatou)

What time will the next bus come? – つぎのばすは、なんじにきますか?(Tsugino bus wa, nanji ni kimasuka?)

Hope you enjoy your time!

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