My hometown, Miyagi in Japan

Do you know Miyagi? Probably some of you know the name from anime or something like that.

But this time, I want you to know “Miyagi” as a place to visit in Japan. -and that it’s beautiful area.

According to Lonely Planet  released the “top travel recommendations for the year 2020” and they put TOHOKU REGION (Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata, Miyagi, Fukushima) as #3! Did you know that?

I’m so happy and grateful about that, because now many more people might get interested in the area I love. Miyagi is a part of it.

But unfortunately I feel like we don’t have enough tips for visitors, so sometimes I’ve heard it’s difficult to find a better way to reach the spots or get enough information about the places/events.

well, I know getting lost and exploring are oftentimes fun, and good way to find hidden spots. Especially in Japan, I’m sure you’d feel it’s safe. I really like exploring and find new spots! but not everyone can enjoy that situation, I guess. So I want to put some information which might be some help when you come to visit Miyagi or somewhere in Tohoku.

I’m sure I will tell you about Miyagi mainly because this is where I live now, but I’ve lived in Tokyo, Saitama, and Chiba before, so probably I will recommend some spots around there someday.

So, I should introduce about Miyagi prefecture little bit here:

Population:2,291,972 (May.2020)

Famous: Sendai(仙台) / Matsushima(松島) / Masamune Date(伊達政宗) / Akiu(秋保) / Fox village / Onsen / Zao(蔵王) / Cherry blossoms / Tanabata festival / Jazz festival

Food: Oysters(牡蠣) / Seaweed(わかめ) / Hoya(ほや) / Mackerel(鯖) / Pike(秋刀魚) / Zunda(ずんだ) / Gyutan(牛タン) / Sasakamaboko(笹かまぼこ) / HarakoMeshi(はらこ飯) / 米(rice)

Symbol flag of Miyagi : undefined the concept is Lespedeza thunbergii and “み(mi)” of “Mi”yagi. the flowers are our prefectural flowers.

Character of Miyagi : undefinedMusubi maru(むすび丸). designed with rice ball and Masamune Date who is famous samurai in Miyagi.

I’d like to show you many things I know about Miyagi, and hope you will have a wonderful time here.

Thank you 🙂

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